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Date: June 22, 2021

From: Al Amaro
Re: Simple Networkers Membership!

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Dear [wlm_firstname] ,

First of all I want to welcome and thank You for becoming a member of SimpleNetworkers  website.

My goal is to help you succeed with this online stuff, let me be clear I'm not a guru or a computer geek nor I pretend to be one and this is not a quick get rich scheme website, having said that, I like you to know that you can really make money online and the training you will get here, will help you do just that, so without delay go ahead and get on the road to Your online marketing success.....


To Start Take A Moment And Follow These Steps

Once again I like to welcome you to Simplenetworkers members area and I strongly encourage you to promote this site as an affiliate and make big time money for doing so..

On the navigation bar above, you will see the promotion tools tab click on it and follow the instructions on that page to start promoting....

If you have any questions then get SUPPORT HERE and I will do my best to help you....

To Your Success;

Al Amaro

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